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Northside Hospital-Cherokee debuts robot to treat stroke patients

CANTON, Ga. — About 795,000 people experience a new or recurrent stroke every year.

This sobering statistic from the American Stroke Association highlights the importance of providing immediate medical attention to stroke patients.

Now, Northside Hospital-Cherokee has rolled out its newest tool to give stroke patients immediate access to specialists when they need it most. M.A.C.S. (Mobile […]

Shopping for out-of-pocket medical procedures

Many patients have experienced the sticker shock of paying out of pocket for a medical procedure, but a Channel 2 investigation found the prices can vary wildly.

Robot helps stroke diagnosis

Sun Sense: Don’t Let a Burn Ruin Your Summer Fun!

Heading to the pool or beach this summer?  Don’t forget to grab your sunscreen!  Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV radiation.  Too much exposure can result in painful burns, freckles and premature aging in the form of wrinkles.  It can also increase your risk of skin cancer, including melanoma.  Here are some tips to […]

Ditch the Itch! Beware of Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac

Spring is synonymous with gardening.  It’s a great time to get your yard in order, clear out old brush and plant new things.  Unfortunately, these activities also increase your chances of exposure to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac.

All three plants contain an irritating oil called urushiol (you-ROO-shee-all), that when brushed against the skin, […]

Beat the Heat: Avoiding Heat Related Illness

You’ve been outside all day enjoying the warm weather, when suddenly you realize your mouth is dry, your head hurts and you feel tired and lightheaded.  Chances are you’re dehydrated – meaning you haven’t taken in enough fluids to replace those lost through perspiration. Dehydration can happen at any time of year, but it’s especially […]